K3 Images

Photography By Kendrick Howard

greatwideworldphoto said: You've got some great photos!

As do you!!! Thank you very much!

Things I found on the forest floor - Telluride Colorado

imagoetverbum said: Sorry, I did a mistake: now I follow you again! Have a nice day. Massimiliano

Ive dione the same thing several times - even to a real friend lol.

Mountain Wild Flowers -Telluride Colorado
Blue Mesa Reservoir - Gunnison Colorado 
Dillon Pinnacles - Gunnison Colorado

megancold said: Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your blog! You take the best pictures I have ever seen, really impressive! Bye!

Wow - you made my whole week with that comment.  I cant tell you how much that means to me!

existentialist-hush said: Your images are fantastic! I'm blown away.

Thank you so much - I’m shooting my first wedding tomorrow and I needed that!! 

Things I found In The Forest
View east from Ophir Pass - Colorado
View from my room this past weekend
A Portrait Of Jenni
A scene from Hudson Gardens
Denver - the other day